[Pioneers at 1892 Melbourne Jubilee]



The celebration of the Jubilee of the Corporation of Melbourne took place on Friday, 12 August 1892. His Excellency the Governor attended the proceedings, and over 30 pioneers who were citizens of Melbourne at the time of its incorporation in August, 1842 were present. The following are the names of the pioneers who were present, and where possible the date of arrival in the colony is placed after each name.

The oldest colonist of the group proved to be Captain Fermaner, who was whaling in Portland Bay in 1834 when Batman paid his first visit to Port Phillip, and who was afterwards one of the first pilots in the colony. Mr. Rober Russell went from Sydney in 1836 to assist Mr. Hoddle in laying out the town of Melbourne. Some very interesting stories of life in the early forties were related by the old pioneers at the luncheon. ("Freeman's Journal" 20 August 1892)

( The photograph by Johnstone, O'Shannessy & Co., is now held by the State Library of Victoria. )


The Pioneers
ASHLEY, Edmund (1842) BELCHER, George Frederick (Hon.) (1839) BENJAMIN, David (1843) BENNETTS, William Rawling (1840) BROWN, Charles (1841) CAMPBELL, Colin (Rev.) (1839) CARSON, John (1842) CLARK, Francis (1840) COWIE, James (1840) CRESWICK, Henry (1840) CURRIE, John Lang (1841) DAMYON, James (1841) DAWSON, James (1840) DENNYS, Charles John (1842) DEVLIN, Arthur (Capt.) (1838) ELLIOTT, Sizar (1835) FAIRCHILD, Jesse (1841) FERMANER, David (Capt.) (1835) FINCH, Lawrence (1845) FISKEN, Archibald (1840) FROST, Robert (1836) GRAHAM, James (Hon.) (1839) HALFPENNY, Thomas (1836) HAMILTON, Thomas Ferrier (Hon.) (1839) HAY, William (1839) JOHNSTON, James Stewart (1840) KINNEAR, Robert (1839) LAIDLAW, Robert (1839) LOCKE, Charles (1840) LYNCH, William (1842) McARTHUR, Peter (1839) MCCONNELL, James (1839) McLACHLAN, Ronald (1839) MAIR, William (Colonel) (1842) MARTIN, Peter (1839) MENZIES, Archibald (1842) MICHEL, Louis John (1839) MILES, Frederick George (1842) MOLLISON, Crawford (1839) MOORE, James (1840) MOURITZ, George Augustus (1840) NANKIVELL, Thomas James (1842) NICOLL, Thomas (1839) O'CONNOR, Nicholas (1841) OSBORNE, James (1838) OVERTON, William (1837) POWER, Herbert (1840) ROSS, Alfred (1842) RUSSELL, Robert (1836) RUSSELL, Thomas (1841) RYAN, Charles (1839) SHADFORTH, Robert William (1837) SIMSON, Robert (1842) SMITH, John Matthew (1839) THOMSON, Joseph (1842) TUCKETT, William Henry (1841) UMPHELBY, Thomas Letts (1840) VAUTIER, Joseph Garnault (1842) WIGHT Edward Byam (1841) WILMOTT, Charles (1838)
Governor of Victoria
HOPETOUN, Earl of (His Excellency)
Melbourne City Council of 1892
AMESS, Samuel (Councillor) ANDERSON,John (Councillor) BAYLES, William (Alderman) BENJAMIN, Benjamin (Sir) (Alderman) BOWEN, Richard (Councillor) BUXTON, James Thomas (Councillor) CARTER, Godfrey Downes (Alderman) CLAYTON, John (The Town Clerk) DAVEY, Thomas James (Councillor) FENWICK, Orlando (Councillor) GARDINER, John (Councillor) GARTON, James (Councillor) HAM, Cornelius Job (Alderman) IEVERS, William (Junior) (Councillor) LANG, Matthew (The Right Worshipful the Mayor) (Councillor) LEE, Benjamin (Councillor) LEONARD, William Howard (Councillor) MOLONEY, James (Councillor) PEIRCE, James William (Councillor) PIGDON, John (Councillor) PRATT, Joseph Major (Councillor) SMITH, Charles (Councillor) SNOWDEN, Arthur (Councillor) STEWART, James Cooper (Alderman) STRONG, William (Councillor) TERRY, George Anthony (Councillor) TUCKETT, Arthur Helton (Councillor) WALKER, John (Alderman) ZEVENBOOM, John (Councillor)

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