Port Phillip District, New South Wales


The registers listed below are transcripts of records held by State Records of New South Wales and are used with their permission. They are of an incomplete collection of parish register copies sent to the government in Sydney, New South Wales by the ministers of the various denominations and are somewhat similar to the bishop's transcripts of English parish registers. The registers of the Anglican Church are the most complete, beginning about 1836 and finishing early in 1848 on the arrival in Melbourne of Bishop Charles Perry.

More registers will be added over the coming months.



	Melbourne Baptisms 1837-1839

Melbourne Baptisms 1840

Melbourne Baptisms 1841

Melbourne Marriages 1837-1839

Melbourne Marriages 1840

Melbourne Marriages 1841

Melbourne Burials 1836-1839

Melbourne Burials 1840

Melbourne Burials 1841

Melbourne Burials 1842 *NEW*

Melbourne Burials 1843 *NEW*

Melbourne Burials 1844 *NEW*

Port Fairy Baptisms 1843-47

Port Fairy Marriages 1846-47

Port Fairy Burials 1846-47

Portland Baptisms 1841-47

Portland Marriages 1841-47

Portland Burials 1843-47


	Melbourne Baptisms 1838-1839

Melbourne Marriages 1838-1839

Melbourne Burials 1838-1839

Melbourne Burials 1840-42

Melbourne Burials 1843

Campbellfield (Will-Will-Rook) Baptisms 1842

Portland Baptisms 1842-1843

Portland Marriages 1842-1843

Portland Burials 1842-1843


	Melbourne Marriages 1841-1844


	Melbourne Baptisms 1841-1843

Melbourne Marriages 1841-1843

Melbourne Burials 1841-1843


	Melbourne Burials 1843


	Melbourne Burials 1842

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