[Landing from the Yarra Basin]

Landing from the "Enterprize" in the Yarra Basin 1835

[Melbourne Day 2017]

The "Enterprize" Re-enactment Crew at Melbourne Day 2017

[Captain John Lancey]

Captain John H. Lancey
( David Penington )

William Jackson, Carpenter
( Tony Case )
Charles Wise, Ploughman
( Gordon Roberts )

James Gilbert, Blacksmith & Mary Gilbert
( Jack Williims and Lucinda Hulls )

An "Enterprize" Crewman
( Paul Pernelley )
A Lady of the 1830s era
( Helen Ebsworthy )

"Gilbert" the Cat

The "Enterprize" re-enactment crew are from the "Enterprize" Ship Trust
and the costumes were made by Helen Ebsworthy (0432 837 303).

Source of Images: State Library of Victoria; Alexander Romanov-Hughes; "Enterprize" Ship Trust.

© Copyright 2017 by Alexander Romanov-Hughes. All rights reserved.

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