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The first published Directory to list the residents of the Port Phillip District of New South Wales was the"New South Wales and Port Phillip General Post Office Directory for 1839". This was published by James Maclehose of Hunter Street, Sydney, N.S.W. and printed by James Spilsbury of Lower George Street, Sydney, N.S.W. with the permission of James Raymond, Esq., Postmaster-General, of O'Connell Street, Sydney, New South Wales. This Directory contains well over 5,000 entries in alphabetical order, including the following residents of the newly-founded Port Phillip District. It also contains the names of many people who moved to the Port Phillip District at a later date. Though it contains the names of many well-known pioneers it is by no means a complete listing.

	AITKEN, John Melbourne (image)
	ALLAN, Henry,  Melbourne (image)
	ARDEN, George,  Melbourne (image)
	BACCHUS, William Henry (Capt.),  Melbourne (image)
	BATMAN, Henry,  Melbourne (image)
	BAXTER, Benjamin,  Clerk to the Bench,  Melbourne (image)
	BRODIE, Richard,  Melbourne (image)
	BROWN, Sylvester John,  Melbourne (image)
	CARR, Michael,  Melbourne (image)
	CHISHOLM, John Moffat,  Melbourne (image)
	CLOW, James (Rev.),  Melbourne (image)
	COCKBURN, William Kennedy,  Melbourne (image)
	COGHILL, David & George,  Melbourne (image)
	COOPER, Horatio,  Melbourne (image)
	CRAIG, George Napier,  Melbourne (image)
	CRAIG, Skene,  Melbourne (image)
	DOCKER, Joseph (Rev.),  Melbourne (image)
	DREDGE, James,  Justice of the Peace,  Melbourne (image)
	EBDEN, Charles Hotson,  Melbourne (image)
	EYRE, Edward John,  Melbourne (image)
	FAWKNER, John Pascoe,  Melbourne (image)
	FISHER, David,  Geelong, Melbourne (image)
	FYANS, Foster,  Justice of the Peace,  Geelong (image)
	GARDINER, John,  Melbourne (image)
	GRYLLS, James Couch (Rev.),  Melbourne (image)
	HAMILTON, William,  Melbourne (image)
	HARRISON, John (Capt.),  Melbourne (image)
	HODDLE, Robert,  Surveyor,  Melbourne (image)
	HODGSON, John,  Melbourne (image)
	HOWARD, Charles,  Deputy Assistant Commissary General,  Melbourne (image)
	KEMP, David Malcolm,  Surveyor's Office,  Port Phillip (image)
	LONSDALE, William (Capt.),  Justice of the Peace,  Melbourne (image)
	MacARTHUR, David Charteris,  Branch, Bank of Australasia,  Melbourne (image)
	MacARTHUR, Donald Gordon,  Surveyor,  Melbourne (image)
	MacINTYRE, Thomas,  Melbourne (image)
	MANN, Hugh,  Melbourne (image)
	MASON, Henry Ward,  Government Stores,  Melbourne (image)
	MEEK, William,  Attorney,  Melbourne (image)
	MERCER, George Duncan,  Geelong (image)
	MOLLISON, Alexander Fullerton,  Melbourne (image)
	NAPIER, Thomas,  Melbourne (image)
	NUTT, Thomas Henry,  Surveyor's Department,  Port Phillip (image)
	OVERTON, William,  Melbourne (image)
	PEERS, John Jones,  Melbourne (image)
	PITTMAN, Frederick,  Melbourne (image)
	POYNTER, James Peck,  Manager of the Bank of Australasia,  Melbourne (image)
	ROBINSON, George Augustus,  Justice of the Peace,  Melbourne (image)
	RUSSELL, Robert,  Surveyor,  Melbourne (image)
	RUTLEDGE, William,  Melbourne (image)
	RYRIE, (Mr./Brothers),  Melbourne (image)
	SCOTT, John Mansel (Capt.),  H. M. Cutter "Ranger",  Melbourne (image)
	SIEVEWRIGHT, Charles Wightman,  Justice of the Peace,  Melbourne (image)
	SMITH, George,  Melbourne (image)
	SMYTHE, Henry William Hutchinson,  Surveyor,  Port Phillip (image)
	SNODGRASS, Peter,  Melbourne (image)
	SNOWDON, Ralph, Melbourne (image)
	STAFFORD, John,  Customs,  Melbourne (image)
	STAPYLTON, Granville William Chetwynd,  Surveyor,  Melbourne (image)
	STEEL, W.    R.,  Melbourne (image)
	STEVENSON, Joseph,  Joiner,  Melbourne (image)
	STRODE, Thomas,  Printer,  Melbourne (image)
	TAYLOR, (Mr.),  Geelong (image)
	THOMSON, Alexander (Dr.),  Melbourne (image)
	THORNTON, William,  Surveyor's Department,  Port Phillip (image)
	TOWLER, Charles,  Hume River,  Melbourne (image)
	WEBB, Robert Saunders,  Melbourne (image)
	WELLS, W.    H.,  Surveyor's Department,  Port Phillip (image)
	WENTWORTH, Charles Henry Seymour,  Clerk of Bench,  Geelong (image)
	WHITE, Henry John (Lt.-Col.),  Melbourne (image)
	WILLIAMSON, (Mr.),  Cabinetmaker,  Melbourne (image)
	WRIGHT, William,  Constable,  Melbourne (image)
	YALDWYN, William Henry,  Justice of the Peace,  Melbourne (image)
	YOUNG, J.    T.,  Tobacco Manufacturer,  Port Phillip (image)
	YUILLE, Archibald Buchanan,  Melbourne (image)

( First Published in the Newsletter of the 'Port Phillip Pioneers Group', Melbourne, June-July 2002 - Vol.25, No.3 )

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